Dayr Al-Muharraq

DAYR AL-MUHARRAQ الدير المحرق Nothing is known for certain about the date of the foundation of this monastery. A sermon attributed to the patriarch THEOPHILUS OF ALEXANDRIA (384-412) credits him with a vision of the Holy Virgin in which she revealed to him that the principal church of the monastery in the place where Mary …

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Church Of Al-Mu‘Allaqah

CHURCH OF AL-MU‘ALLAQAH (Old Cairo) الكنيسة المعلقة   This church is called in Coptic manuscripts “the church of Saint Mary, Mother of God, at Babylon in Egypt” (Amélineau, 1893, pp. 577-79). Texts in Arabic describe it as the “church of our Lady Mary, surnamed the hanging.” European travelers have called it “the church of the …

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Dayr Anba Antuniyus

DAYR ANBA ANTUNIYUS دير أنبا أنطونيوس History The Monastery of Saint Antony is situated 30 miles (45 km) southwest of the Red Sea lighthouse of Ras Za’faranah (100 miles, or 290 km, from Cairo via Suez) at the foot of the south end of the Jalalah mountain range. After the death of Saint ANTONY, a …

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