al-Zahir Baybars

Athanasius III

ATHANASIUS III The seventy-sixth patriarch of the See of Saint Mark (1250-1261). Athanasius was peacefully selected to the throne of Saint Mark after an interregnum of seven years, during which the patriarchal seat remained vacant. The reasons are hard to explain beyond the lack of unanimity on any candidate and the general unrest that accompanied …

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Saint Bulus Al-Habis

SAINT BULUS AL-HABIS A Coptic monk and “new martyr” of the thirteenth century. Bulus al-Habis (Paul the Solitary) appears in the Islamic-Arabic sources as having descended from a respectable Coptic family of scribes in Cairo. Mikha’il, as he was known prior to taking the monastic vows, was himself a katib (scribe or secretary). During the …

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John VII

JOHN VII The seventy-seventh patriarch of the See of Saint Mark (1262-1268, 1271-1293). John had a rival in GABRIEL III, who replaced him by order of the sultan for a period, after which he recaptured the patriarchal seat for a second time. A native of Old Cairo, his full name was Yu’annis ibn Abi Sa‘id …

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