Dayr Bi’l-Habash

DAYR BI’L-HABASH (Monastery in the quarter of the Ethiopians). The first foundation of the Muslims on the site known as al-Fustat—that is, modern-day Old Cairo—included to the south a pool that was called the Pool of the Ethiopians (it is not known where the name comes from). This appellation is ancient, for it is given …

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Dayr Abu Qarqurah

DAYR ABU QARQURAH A monastery discovered in 1948 in ruins at Hilwan by Zaki Yusef Saad, who had been conducting First and Second Dynasty necropolis excavations in the neighborhood of that town. This area is supposed to have been in the proximity of the old dynastic Egyptian capital of Iwnu. While digging the popular cemetery …

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Dayr Al-Tin

DAYR AL-TIN This monastery was mentioned for the first time by al-Shabushti (Atiya, 1939, pp. 25, 26), who died at the end of the tenth century or the beginning of the eleventh. He called it Mar Hanna and situated it on the edge of Lake al-Habash, near the Nile. The HISTORY OF THE PATRIARCHS OF …

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