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AMBO Derived from the Greek word ¥mbwn, ambon, the ambo (Arabic, anbil) is a raised pulpit that stands at the northeast side of the nave. It is built of white or colored marble, stone, or wood, supported on pillars, and is reached by a staircase. It is sometimes carved with crosses and flowers, finely sculptured …

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Church Of Al-Mu‘Allaqah

CHURCH OF AL-MU‘ALLAQAH (Old Cairo) الكنيسة المعلقة   This church is called in Coptic manuscripts “the church of Saint Mary, Mother of God, at Babylon in Egypt” (Amélineau, 1893, pp. 577-79). Texts in Arabic describe it as the “church of our Lady Mary, surnamed the hanging.” European travelers have called it “the church of the …

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Gabriel II, Ibn Turayk

GABRIEL II, ibn Turayk The seventieth patriarch of the See of Saint Mark (1131-1145) (feast day: 10 Bavamudah). Gabriel ibn Turayk was one of three laymen selected to occupy the Coptic patriarchate in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries during the late Fatimid caliphate and the early Ayyubid sultanate. He had the rather anomalous name of …

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Gabriel V

GABRIEL V The eighty-eighth patriarch of the See of Saint Mark (1409-1427). Born probably in the province of GIZA, south of Cairo, Gabriel became a government functionary charged with collecting taxes. At an unknown age, he abandoned his official responsibilities in his province in order to become a monk. He entered the monastery of Anba …

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Patriarchal Residences

PATRIARCHAL RESIDENCES From the time of Saint MARK, the first patriarch of the Egyptian church, the Coptic patriarchs resided at Alexandria, the cradle of Egyptian Christianity. This was the first patriarchal seat in Egypt, but there were also others, depending on historical circumstances. Eutychius (877-940), Melchite patriarch of Alexandria, in his masterwork, the Annales (PG …

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Mark IV

MARK IV The eighty-fourth patriarch of the See of Saint Mark (1349-1363). Mark’s biography in the HISTORY OF THE PATRIARCHS is confined to a few lines stating his dates and the general remark that his days were peaceful. He was a native of Qalyub in the Delta of Lower Egypt. Little else is known about …

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Clerical Ordination

CLERICAL ORDINATION The right of a bishop to ordain Christians of his diocese as deacons and priests is so generally recognized that the canons of the Coptic church (see CANONS, ECCLESIASTICAL) relate only to abuses: for instance, the ordination of Christians from another diocese or the acceptance of a gift for the ordination. The bishop’s …

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Murqus Simaykah

MURQUS SIMAYKAH (1864-1944) A public servant and founder of the COPTIC MUSEUM in Cairo. Born to an old Coptic family of clerks and magistrates, he had a distinguished career in the government service, but this was not enough to occupy his time after he reached middle age. He then devoted himself to public affairs in …

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