al-Malik al-Salih

Saint Bulus Al-Habis

SAINT BULUS AL-HABIS A Coptic monk and “new martyr” of the thirteenth century. Bulus al-Habis (Paul the Solitary) appears in the Islamic-Arabic sources as having descended from a respectable Coptic family of scribes in Cairo. Mikha’il, as he was known prior to taking the monastic vows, was himself a katib (scribe or secretary). During the …

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Saint Barsum The Naked

SAINT BARSUM THE NAKED Numerous sources assure us of Barsum’s historicity and give us some details of his life. He was born to a well-to-do family in Cairo at an unstated date. He lost his parents while he was young, and his maternal uncle became his guardian. When the uncle squandered his ward’s inheritance, Barsum …

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Feast Of The Martyr

FEAST OF THE MARTYR The one of the most popular feasts in Coptic and medieval Egypt, especially for its association with the Nile flood, apparently inherited from remote antiquity, when the Egyptians devoted a period of fifteen days to lavish festivities in honor of the river. The Copts celebrated it just before the occurrence of …

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