al-Malik al-Salih

Feast Of The Martyr

FEAST OF THE MARTYR The one of the most popular feasts in Coptic and medieval Egypt, especially for its association with the Nile flood, apparently inherited from remote antiquity, when the Egyptians devoted a period of fifteen days to lavish festivities in honor of the river. The Copts celebrated it just before the occurrence of …

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Abu Hulayqah (Rashid Al-Din Abu Al-Wahsh Ibn Al-Faris)

ABU HULAYQAH (Rashid al-Din Abu al-Wahsh ibn al-Faris) Rashid al-Din Abu al-Wahsh ibn al-Faris Abi al-Khayr ibn Abi Sulayman Dawud ibn Abi al-Muna ibn Abi Fana Abu Hulayqah; 1195-1277, physician. He spent his first seven or eight years in Edessa. One day his father introduced him to al-‘Adil (r. 1200-1218) and to his son al-Kamil. …

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