Dayr Al-‘Adawiyyah

DAYR AL-‘ADAWIYYAH The ancient authors speak of this dayr only as a church. At the beginning of the thirteenth century ABU SALIH (1895, pp. 136-37, n. 5) situated al-‘Adawiyyah at Minyat al-Sudan, which al-Idrisi places 15 miles (24 km) from Misr on the way to Upper Egypt. The village of this name at this place …

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AHNAS (Ihnas al Madinah, Ihnasyah al-Madinah, Byzantine Herakleopolis) Settlement on the site of pharaonic Nn-nswt, Ptolemaic, Roman, and Byzantine Herakleopolis. The Coptic and Arabic names go back to Egyptian Hwt-nn-nswt, Hnn-nswt, the Greek name comes from the identification of Hrj-š.f (Herishef, Greek Harsaphes), the town’s ram-headed local deity, with Heracles (Herishef was also identified with …

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