Bisurah Al-Hariri

BISURAH AL-HARIRI A little-known eighteenth-century author. The manuscripts give him the title of anba, which is usually applied to bishops, and more rarely to monks in the seventeenth century. His name is given in all the manuscripts in the form Bisurah, which at first glance suggests the reading Basurah. G. Graf (1934) corrects this to …

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Abd Al-Masih

ABD AL-MASIH A manuscript of the Coptic Patriarchate, Cairo (Theology 290; Graf, no. 533; Simaykah, no. 333) contains a collection of 149 poems in simple literary Arabic on moral and religious subjects, composed by Anba Bistawrah, known as al-Hariri (Graf, 1934, Vol. 4, p. 133). It was copied by Ibrahim ibn Sulayman al-Najjar al-Miri in …

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