al-HAKIM Bi-Amr Allah


ZACHARIAS The sixty-fourth patriarch of the See of Saint Mark (1004-1032). Zacharias was a contemporary of the rulers of Egypt al-HAKIM BI-AMR ALLAH (996-1021) and al-Zahir Abu al- Hasan ‘Ali (1021-1035). He was a poor priest in Alexandria, and no one knew much about him. His selection occurred in rather unusual circumstances. When the bishops …

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PHILOTHEUS The sixty-third patriarch of the See of Saint Mark (979-1003). Philotheus was a monk of the Monastery of Saint Macarius (DAYR ANBA MAQAR) and a disciple to an older saintly monk by the name of Yuhanna. After the death of Pope Abraham ibn Zar‘ah, there was an interregnum of six months, during which the …

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