SA‘ID Designation for Upper Egypt. The division of Egypt into two parts, Lower and Upper Egypt, goes back to pharaonic antiquity. The term Misraim, used in some works, is a dual and hence betrays this duality founded on geography. For Lower Egypt, the Delta, the effective divisions were al-Qalyubiyyah, al-Sharqiyyah, al- Daqhaliyyah, al-Gharbiyyah, al-Minufiyyah, al-Beheira, …

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Metropolitan Sees

METROPOLITAN SEES The ancient privileges of the See of Alexandria, as confirmed by the sixth canon of the Council of NICAEA (325), placed the provinces of Egypt, Libya, and the Pentapolis in Cyrenaica under the jurisdiction of the bishop of Alexandria, although these provinces had their own metropolitans. Ancient and Medieval Times The Metropolitan See …

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Abusir Bana

ABUSIR BANA A town located in the Egyptian Delta about three miles south of SAMANNUD in the province of al-Gharbiyyah. Its Greek name was Busiris. Although Abusir Bana had a reputation as late as the Byzantine period for its devotion to Isis, Christianity also has a long tradition in the town. One of the bishops …

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