THEOPHILUS The twenty-third patriarch of the See of Saint Mark (385-412). A complex and controversial patriarch, Theophilus was much admired for his many writings, his destruction of pagan temples and subsequent church-building program, as well as his important role as a mediator of schisms at Antioch, Bostra, and Jerusalem during the early part of his …

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Book Of Epact

BOOK OF EPACT A treatise on the calculation of the date of Easter attributed to DEMETRIUS I, twelfth patriarch of Alexandria (189- 231). We shall examine the attribution in light of the historical, liturgical, and literary Arabic traditions of the Middle Ages. Historical Tradition The historian Sa‘id IBN AL-BITRIQ, Melchite patriarch of Alexandria (933-940), tells …

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Persians In Egypt

PERSIANS IN EGYPT (619-629) The last great clash between the Eastern Roman Empire and the Sassanid empire (602-628), begun by Chosroes II Parvez (590-628) against Phocas (602-610) and continued against Heraclius (610-634), at first brought brilliant successes to the Sassanids. The culmination was the conquest of Egypt with its Byzantine administrative districts: Aegyptos, Augustamnike, Arkadia, …

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