Dayr Anba Hadra

DAYR ANBA HADRA. History This monastery, although uninhabited since the twelfth century, is fairly well preserved and has aroused the enthusiasm of archaeologists. It raises its imposing silhouette on the left bank of the Nile at a latitude south of the island of Elephantine. It is above the mausoleum of the Aga Khan, the religious …

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MONOPHYSITISM The doctrine that the incarnate Christ is one Person and has one divine nature as opposed to the orthodox doctrine that he is one Person and has two natures, one human and one divine. The rift between the Monophysites, including the Coptic, Syrian, Ethiopian, and Armenian churches, and the Orthodox Church has divided Eastern …

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PROESTOS Perfect participle of Greek proistemi, meaning “being at the head.” In Christian texts dating from the second and third centuries, it could be used to denote a church leader or bishop. In late Greek and Coptic texts it described a superior of a monastic community. This was the most widely used of the terms …

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