Saint Judas Cyriacus

SAINT JUDAS CYRIACUS A second-century bishop of Jerusalem associated in legend with the discovery of the cross. In connection with Judas Cyriacus we must distinguish history from legend. EUSEBIUS OF CAESAREA is the earliest witness that Judas was the fifteenth bishop of Jerusalem, after James, the brother of the Lord. But Eusebius himself was astonished …

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First Apocalypse Of James

FIRST APOCALYPSE OF JAMES This Apocalypse of James is the first of two such apocalypses in the NAG HAMMADI LIBRARY, constituting the third tractate of Codex V. It is a revelation containing a dialogue between the Lord Jesus and James, the Lord’s brother. Here, however, James is not the Lord’s brother “materially” (24.15-16). The first …

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Abgar, King Of Edessa

ABGAR A king of Edessa in the first half of the first century (it would seem between 4 B.C. and A.D. 50) and the subject of a Christian legend found for the first time in Eusebius (Historia ecclesiastica 1.13.5-22). According to this version, Abgar, being ill, writes a letter to Jesus asking him to visit …

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