Abu Sarjah

Fakhr Al-Dawlah Ab Al-Mufaddal Ibn Al-‘Assal (B. C. 1170)

FAKHR AL-DAWLAH AB AL-MUFADDAL IBN AL-‘ASSAL (b. c. 1170) The father of the Coptic writers of the beginning of the thirteenth century. He is known as Awlad al-‘Assal. His honorific title Fakhr al-Dawlah (pride of the state) indicates his social importance. He came from a rich Coptic family in Cairo that distinguished itself in the service …

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Patriarchal Residences

PATRIARCHAL RESIDENCES From the time of Saint MARK, the first patriarch of the Egyptian church, the Coptic patriarchs resided at Alexandria, the cradle of Egyptian Christianity. This was the first patriarchal seat in Egypt, but there were also others, depending on historical circumstances. Eutychius (877-940), Melchite patriarch of Alexandria, in his masterwork, the Annales (PG …

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Eucharistic Veils

EUCHARISTIC VEILS There are five types of eucharistic veils used in the Coptic church: altar veils, chalice veils, mats, paten and chalice veils, and paten veils. Altar Veil: The altar veil is a set of cloth coverings and curtains on and around the altar to provide the right protection and veneration during the liturgy. After …

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