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Christian Subjects In Coptic Art

CHRISTIAN SUBJECTS IN COPTIC ART Whatever its materials and techniques—stone or wood relief sculpture, painted walls or manuscripts, textiles, metalwork, ceramics, or glass—Coptic Christian iconography retained a few rare elements of pharaonic origin and many Greco-Roman elements from Alexandrian tradition. From the fifth century on, these pagan subjects mingled with Christian motifs. The Christian subjects …

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Yuhanna The Deacon

YUHANNA THE DEACON Also known as Yuhanna ibn Moesis, the spiritual son and disciple of Anba Moesis, the saintly bishop of Awsim. He lived around the middle of the eighth century, during the rule of the Umayyad caliphate. He compiled a series of patriarchal biographies up to his own time, and his work was utilized …

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Painting, Coptic Mural

PAINTING, COPTIC MURAL This article discusses painting on the walls of houses, Roman camps, tombs and funerary chapels, monasteries, and churches in Egypt from the third century to the thirteenth. For painting on panels see ICONS; PORTRAITURE. The mural painting had a long tradition in the pharaonic period. It continued in the Coptic period, generally …

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