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PBOW History Pbow is the Coptic name of the second and most important monastery of Saint PACHOMIUS. For centuries the superior of the whole Pachomian congregation resided at Pbow. The site is now considered equivalent to the town of Faw al-Qibli (Faw of the South, in contrast with the neighboring village Faw al-Bahari, Faw of …

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Mark, Saint

MARK, SAINT One of the Twelve Apostles of Christ, traditionally regarded as the author of the Gospel of Mark and the first patriarch of the Coptic church (feast day: 30 Baramudah). The meager historical sources on Saint Mark’s life have given rise to conflicting accounts about his personality and even about his Gospel. Whereas liberal …

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NAQIZAH A town in the province of Gharbiyyah. ABU AL- MAKARIM, in his description of the churches and monasteries of Lower Egypt, situates at Naqzah a monastery, the lofty buildings of which could be seen from Damietta. He indicates its position as “near the salt sea, to the east of Nastarawah [al-Burullus].” He adds that …

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Coptic See Of Jerusalem

COPTIC SEE OF JERUSALEM From the beginning of the Christian era, Egypt and Egyptians have had a privileged status in Jerusalem. In the Acts of the Apostles, it is mentioned that Egyptians were among those who witnessed the descent of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost. It is also mentioned (Acts 6:9) that Alexandrians, with others, …

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Dayr Sitt Dimyanah

DAYR SITT DIMYANAH A monastery near Bilqas. History It is very probable that the Dayr Jimyanah (or Dimyanah) described by al-MAQRIZI (d. 1441) and the present Dayr Sitt Dimyanah (to the north of Bilqas) are one and the same place, as suggested by ‘ABD AL-MASIH SALIB AL-MAS‘UDI (1924, p.149). The orthography given by al-Maqrizi, Jimyanah, …

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