Abu al-Fakhr

Tuma Ibn Al-Najib Lutfallah

TUMA IBN AL-NAJIB LUTFALLAH A fourteenth-century monk known from two manuscripts that he copied. Tuma’s name is given in two colophons of Vatican Arabic 158 with the addition “known as (al-ma‘ruf bi-) al-Mahalli,” which suggests he came from al-Mahallah in the Delta. The same colophons also record that he was a monk at the monastery …

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Mark III, Saint

MARK III, SAINT The seventy-third patriarch of the See of Saint Mark (1167-1189) (feast day: 6 Tubah). Mark’s secular name before his investiture in the patriarchate was Abu al-Faraj ibn Abi al-Sa‘d ibn Zar‘ah. He was a layman of Syrian origin, related to the sixty- second patriarch, Abraham. He was a bachelor known to all …

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Abu Al-Fakhr Al-Masihi

ABU AL-FAKHR AL-MASIHI According to G. Graf (1947, pp. 435-36) author of the chronology for the oldest history of the Chronicon Orientale, suggesting that he lived at the latest before the end of the thirteenth century. He was born a Jew and became a Christian (al-Masihi). There exists an exchange of letters between him and …

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