Coptic Saints

COPTIC SAINTS Holy men and women recognized in Egypt who died peacefully, as distinguished from MARTYRS, also saints, who met a violent end. The saints continued to reflect their faith throughout their lives, leaving behind them information that could help posterity record their labors for Christianity. Any listing of saints is an infinitesimal fraction of …

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Minuf Al-‘Ulyah

MINUF AL-‘ULYAH The old Arabic name of a city in the Western Delta now known simply as Minuf. Located in the province of Minufiyyah, the city lies about 15 miles (24 km) west of Banha. Minuf al-‘Ulyah was known in Greek as ” Onoqfij (Onothphis) and in Coptic as anoufe or onoufe. Minuf al-‘Ulyah was …

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