Peter VI

PETER VI The 104th patriarch of the See of Saint Mark (1718-1726). A native of Asyut, Peter decided in his early youth to retire to the ancient monastery of Saint Paul (DAYR ANBA BULA) in the Eastern Desert. There he took the monastic vow and remained as an ascetic for some years, after which his …

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PILGRIMAGES There are more than sixty centers of Coptic pilgrimage in Egypt, of which the main ones are those of the Virgin Mary at Musturud, Saint Menas at Maryut, Saint George (Mar Jirjis) of Mit Damsis, Sitt Dimyanah near Bilqas, and Anba Shinudah at Dayr al-Abyad, near Suhaj. For the Copts, pilgrimage is a religious …

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Dayr Tasa

DAYR TASA Today the name of a Coptic village on the right bank of the Nile on the edge of the desert, south of ABNUB and opposite ABU TIJ. The cemetery and ancient church have been preserved. No ancient author mentions it. S. CLARKE in 1912 noted the church and its titular, the archangel Michael, …

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