Dayr Abirun

DAYR ABIRUN On the testimony of ABU SALIH THE ARMENIAN, who is the only one to mention it (fol. 92; 1895, p. 257), a monastery in the district of Busir Quridus (an abbreviation of Dioscurides), today called Busir al-Malaq, on the left bank of the Nile, at the same latitude as DAYR AL-MAYMUN. The name …

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Abusir Al-Malaq

ABUSIR AL-MALAQ A town located between the Nile and the Fayyum in the province of Bani Suef. It was known in Greek as Busiris and in earlier Arabic literature as Busir Quridis (M. Ramzi, 1960). As evidenced by archaeological finds from the earliest period of Egyptian history, Abusir al-Malaq has a very long history. It …

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