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Abi Zakariyya - Coptic Wiki

Abi Zakariyya

Yuhanna Ibn Abi Zakariyya Ibn Sabba‘ (13th-14th C.)

YUHANNA IBN ABI ZAKARIYYA IBN SABBA‘ (13th-14th c.) A Liturgical encyclopedist. Yuhanna ibn Abi Zakariyya ibn Sabba‘ was the author of an encyclopedic compilation in 113 chapters with the rhymed title al-Jawhara al-nafisa fi ‘ulum al-kanisa (The Precious Jewel in the Ecclesiastical Sciences). After a theological, biblical, and apologetic introduction (chapters 1-26), the work concentrates …

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Book Of Canonical Hours

BOOK OF CANONICAL HOURS The first Christians followed the Jewish tradition of praying at fixed times of the day. The prayers for the third, sixth, and ninth hours may have been adopted first in Egypt, where the Jews who converted to Christianity followed the Jewish custom. In the third century, Clement of Alexandria (ca. 150-ca. …

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Holy Week

HOLY WEEK Holy Week falls between Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday. The first description of the rite of the Holy Week is given by Egeria, a European woman from France who visited the Holy Lands between 381and 384. She provided a detailed description of the places she visited and the ceremonies that she attended. It …

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INCENSE Incense is a substance producing a pleasant aroma when burned. Yuhanna ibn Abi Zakariyya ibn Sabba‘ (14th century), the author of a book called Precious Pearl in the Ecclesiastic Science, mentioned that four sorts of incense are permitted in the Coptic Church: sandarac, benzoin, aloe, and olibanum. The first had never been offered to …

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HOSANNA Hebrew word, meaning “save us.” In the Coptic liturgy, it relates to Palm Sunday. In the 12th century, Abu al-Makarim wrote his book, the History of the Churches and Monasteries in Egypt. The feast of Palm Sunday was a special ceremony in his church (Church of the Holy Virgin in Haret Zuwylah in Old …

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