Abba Yuhannis

Dayr Yuhannis Al-Qasir

DAYR YUHANNIS AL-QASIR A monastery in Wadi al-Natrun founded in the fourth century (c. A.D. 380) by Abba Yuhannis according to the instructions of his father, Amoi. Tradition relates that the latter planted his staff in the sand and asked his son to water it regularly, although the closest well was 12 miles (19 km) …

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Dayr Yuhannis Kama

DAYR YUHANNIS KAMA Amid a vast field of ruins southeast of DAYR AL-SURYAN and DAYR ANBA BISHOI stand the remains of Dayr Yuhannis Kama in Wadi al-Natrun (SCETIS) in the western desert of Egypt. This monastery was built in the ninth century (c. A.D. 840). Tradition has it that the founder himself, Abba Yuhannis, built …

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