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Sophia Of Jesus Christ (NHC III, 4; Bg, 3) - Coptic Wiki


A Gnostic revelation attributed to the risen Christ, seated on a mountain, presenting esoteric teaching to his “twelve disciples and seven women.” “The Savior” presents his teaching in response to various questions put to him by the disciples, the final one posed by Magdalene. Sophia of Christ is a “Christianized” expansion of another Nag Hammadi text, the Blessed (NHC III, 3; V, 1).

The additional material deals with the human predicament and the saving work of Christ in imparting gnosis to his disciples. The title, “The Sophia [wisdom] of Christ,” occurs at the beginning and the end of both copies. Extant completely only in Coptic, it was originally in Greek, probably in late second- or early third-century Egypt. Three fourth-century papyrus fragments of the Greek version were found at Oxyrhynchus.