An Arabic term, literally meaning “receiving grace.” Shabehmot is the title of the Prayer of Thanksgiving, beginning, “Let us give thanks to the Doer of Good and the Merciful, the Father of our Lord and our God and our Savior Christ, for He hath sheltered us, He hath helped us, He hath guarded us, He hath purchased us, He hath spared us, He hath us, He hath brought us unto this hour.”

The Lord’s Prayer and the Shabehmot are both introductory prayers to almost all church services, except the Hours of the Holy Week, which have a special arrangement.

  • For the text of the prayer in Coptic and Arabic, see Kitab al-Khulaji al-Muqaddas (Cairo, 1902); for the English translation, see O. H. E. Burmester, The Egyptian or Coptic Church (Cairo, 1967).