so designated by . According to some accounts, they had an myth in which , son of , played a role as of and was equated by some with . In this system, are referred to as the “seed” or “race” of Seth. Several of the treatises preserved in Coptic in the contain, or allude to, a related mythological system. The most important of these treatises is the of (NHC II, 1; III, 1; IV, 1; BG, 2). attributes a completely different mythological system to heretics he also refers to as “Sethians.”

This system posits three : Light, Darkness, and Spirit. According to Hippolytus, this system is elaborated in a writing called “The of Seth,” although Seth is not a prominent figure in the system. A similar based on the same first principles—Light, Darkness, and Spirit—is found in one of the , The Paraphrase of (NHC VII, 1). See also THREE STELES OF SETH; .

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