Schwartze, Moritz Gotthilf


A German Coptologist. He earned his doctorate at Halle in 1829 with “De Jove Ammone et Osiride.” In 1843 he published two works, the two-volume Das alte Ägypten and an edition of the Bohairic text of the Psalter (Psalterium).

In 1845 he was named professor extraordinary of Coptic language and literature at Berlin University. Of his planned edition of the Bohairic New Testament, only the four Gospels appeared in his lifetime (Quattuor Evangelia, 1846). The intended edition of Acts was instigated by Alexander von Humboldt and published by P. de Lagarde after Schwartze’s death, using Schwartze’s preliminary work.

From the Coptic manuscripts (biblical and Gnostic) transcribed by him in England, two works were posthumously published: Pistis Sophia (1851) and “Brüchstucke der oberägyptischen Übersetzung des alten Testaments” (Nachrichten von der königlichen Gesellschaft der Wissenschaften, Göttingen, 1880, no. 12, pp. 401-440). After his death there also appeared his Koptische Grammatik (ed. H. Steinthal, Berlin, 1850).


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