SCHMIDT, CARL (1868-1938)

A German Coptologist. He was born in Hagenow, Mecklenburg, and studied at the universities of Leipzig and Berlin (1887-1894). He became a privatdocent in Berlin (1899), honorary professor extraordinary (1909), honorary professor (1921), and professor ordinary (1928), in 1935. He edited and published many important Coptic texts and in 1930 discovered the famous Manichaean papyri.

He visited Egypt several times to obtain Coptic manuscripts. Some of his went to Louvain and were edited by L. T. Lefort, but most of them were destroyed by enemy action during World War II. The rest were sold to the University of Michigan after his death (see Kammerer, 1950, 1969, pp. 196-97). A list of his important works is found in Kammerer.


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