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Sara, Saint - Coptic Wiki


Ascetic (feast day: 15 Baramhat). According to the SYNAXARION, Sara was born in Upper of rich and pious parents. She lived for fifteen years in a monastery of virgins, then for sixty years she dwelt in a cell provided with a terrace that dominated the of the Nile. It is related that she never lowered her eyes to look at the river. She acquired a great reputation for asceticism.

The alphabetic recension of the PATRUM has preserved eight apothegms under her name; we learn from it that monks came to visit her—sometimes from afar, from Scetis, or even from the region of Pelusium. She died at the age of eighty. In an unpublished apothegm (Guy, 1962, p. 31), she appears to have been a of an abbot Paphnutius, seemingly the one at Scetis, nicknamed the Bubal.