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Sanabu (Minya) - Coptic Wiki

SANABU (Minya)

According to al-MAQRIZI, site of two monasteries: to the north is one dedicated to the Holy Virgin; to the south is one dedicated to Saint Theodorus, said to be in ruins. ABU SALIH THE ARMENIAN (early thirteenth century) does not mention any monastery at or near Sanabu, but only a church dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

The Description d’Egypte (Jomard, Vol. 4, pp. 302-303) says that to the northwest of is DAYR ABU MINA; to the southeast, a monastery dedicated to Saint Theodorus, under reconstruction; and in the village, a third, dedicated to Saint George. It survives in the form of a church (Clarke, 1912, p. 208, nos. 4-6).


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