A Bishop. He was born Sameh Adli in Cairo. He obtained a bachelor of architecture degree from Cairo University in 1958. He participated in the of some Coptic sites, assisting Peter Grossmann. On 5 February 1984 he joined the Monastery of the Syrians at Wadi al-Natrun. He was ordained priest on 27 November 1987 and Bishop of Toukh, Shebine al-Qanater, and Khanka on 6 June 1992. He established the Section of Coptic Architecture in the Higher Institute of Coptic Studies in 1984 in with Hishmat Misseha and Sami Sabri.

He published numerous articles and books on Coptic history, architecture, and liturgy. His most important contributions are with Abul Makarim Girgis Saadalah, Churches and Monasteries in the XII Century, Cairo 1984; with Yusab of Fuwwah, of the Patriarchs, Cairo 1992 (in Arabic); Ancient Coptic Churches in Upper , Cairo 1992; and Ancient Coptic Churches in Lower , Cairo 1996. Bishop Samuel reprinted many significant Arabic books, such as the Synaxarion of the Coptic Church and the of the Patriarchs of Alexandria, and subsidized their prices.