A town located in the northern Delta of Egypt about 1.5 miles (2 km) south of Kafr al-Shayk in the Gharbiyyah province. The town was known in as XÒij (Xois) and in Coptic as cekoou (Sekoou).

A reference in one of ATHANASIUS’ letters to the bishop of Sakha makes it clear that the town became a bishopric no later than the first half of the fourth century (Munier, 1943, p. 10).

Among the few references to Sakha in Coptic martyrological literature for the period prior to 640 are the following: In its of JOHN on 20 Babah the SYNAXARION mentions an Anba Bamwayh from Sakha. The festival of commemorates a Bishop Muna of Sakha on 15 Abib.

There is a Coptic in Sakha, the age of which is not known.

[See also: Zacharias, Bishop of Sakha.]

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