We know little about this who was held in great esteem by Apa SHENUTE, in whose life he is mentioned twice (Amélineau, 1888, pp. 462-66). He was a contemporary of Apa Shenute and died before him, having lived a holy life. His cult is still alive in his in the neighborhood of AKHMIM at Shinsif.

Our chief source of information is the of the White Monastery (DAYR ANBA SHINUDAH), which mention this saint (London, British Library, Or. 3580A, 3, frag. A, ed. Crum, no. 146; Vienna, Nationalbibliothek, K9734). His feast day, 25 Bashans, is often confused with that of Thomas the apostle, which falls on the following day.

A fragment of Thomas’s Life survives in Arabic (Troupeau, 1972, p. 230). His complete Life has been published by al- Manqabadi.


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