A -speaking disciple of Saint PACHOMIUS. He must be distinguished from THEODORUS OF TABENNESE (the Egyptian), an assistant of Pachomius who eventually succeeded him. The vocation of Theodorus of is narrated in the Coptic and Greek Lives of Pachomius, and he is mentioned several times in the LETTER OF AMMON.

Born of pagan parents in Alexandria, Theodorus was converted to Christianity, probably at the age of seventeen, and became a lector in the church of under I (326-373). Having received Athanasius’ permission to become a monk, he approached Pachomius, who first assigned him to the “house” of the brothers. Acknowledging Theodorus’ as a spiritual leader, Pachomius entrusted him with the of souls and appointed him father of the house of the Greek and other foreign brothers.

But the most important occupation of Theodorus was in the office of interpreter, which he fulfilled under Pachomius, HORSIESIOS, and Theodorus of Tabennese, translating their into for all the brothers who could not understand Coptic. In this capacity Theodorus was not merely an interpreter but also a comforter of his brothers, concerned about the purity of their heart at prayer. The Lives mention him as one of the of the Pachomian community until the first tenure of as superior of the koinonia.