A martyr in fourth-century Egypt (feast day: 14 Babah). His Passion has come down in a complete in Bohairic in the Library (Coptic 68, fols. 1-15) (Balestri and Hyvernat, 1908, Vol. 1, pp. 1-23). The text is that of one of the late Coptic Passions from and can be dated to the eighth century. It deals with the period of under DIOCLETIAN. The prefect ARIANUS comes to and orders sacrifice to the gods. Lacaron, a soldier, refuses and, after the usual arguments, is put in jail.

The text then describes the usual episodes of torture, miraculous healings, sudden conversions—of a magistrate and the torturers themselves—and other visions and heavenly interventions. It includes an account of the Michael’s up the various pieces of Lacaron and restoring them to life. In the end Lacaron is killed, after converting and baptizing the soldiers around him.


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