This anchorite saint (feast day, 19 Amshir) is known from various documents: (1) the typica of Dayr Shinudah, known as the White Monastery (Insinger, 38c-d, and Boeser, 1897, p. 199; Oxford, Hunt. 3); (2) a colophon (National Library, Paris, Coptic 129/19, fol. 55v, published by Van Lantschoot, 1929, no. 81), which indicates that a church was dedicated to him conjointly with Seth, abbot of the monastery situated to the south of the White Monastery; and (3) the life of of Jinjif (National Library, Paris, Arabic 263, fol. 113).

This saint is absent from the SYNAXARION of the Copts, but his name is mentioned in the calendar of the White Monastery. We know only that he was a count (Oxford, Hunt. 3) and a contemporary of Shenute. His mention indicates that anchorites were venerated equally with cenobites by the monks of the White Monastery and that consequently the anchorite life was recognized even in cenobitism (see MONASTICISM, PACHOMIAN).