Sacrament, Reservation Of The Blessed


The preservation of particles of the Holy Body and Precious Blood after Communion at the end of the is now not permitted in the Coptic church, except for communion of the sick and the prisoner in his cell. In this case, the priest takes the Holy at the end of the Divine and goes directly to the sick person or prisoner without delay. If, on arrival, the priest finds him or unfit to receive the Eucharist, he should not carry it back to the church but consume it forthwith himself.

If a particle of the Holy Body is found unconsumed after the priest has drunk the water with which the paten has been washed, it should be given to a or even to a layman who has not yet broken his fast. If none is available, the priest is directed to wrap it in a veil and place it between two burning candles, with the lamp in the eastern also burning, and the priest is to watch by it until the of the following day, to receive the particle fasting.