Sab‘Ah Wa-Arba‘Ah


An Arabic ecclesiastical idiom commonly used by Copts in reference to the PSALMODIA for the month of Kiyahk. It literally means “seven and four.” The seven refers to the seven of the week, one for each day. The four refers to the of the daily Psalmodia that follows the Office of Midnight Prayer.

As it is not easy to a congregation every night for a month, the custom has arisen of using the whole consecutive series of on night, breaking the monotony by inserting the odes and psali (metrical hymns) before the Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Theotokias. Each Theotokia is by its psali, one or more for each day, and is ended with its and TARH. The tubhat (singular TUBH) and DOXOLOGIES are sung after the third ode and its psali, before the Friday Theotokia. Arabic mada’ih (songs of praise) are now sung after each part of the Psalmodia during Kiyahk.

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