Saad, Zaki Yusef

SAAD, ZAKI YUSEF (1901-1982)

An Egyptologist. He was one of the early graduates of the newly established Institute of Egyptology, Cairo ( I) University, receiving his degree in 1930. In 1931 he was appointed a member of the expedition team to survey the archaeological excavations and Egyptian in that area before the second raising of the old Aswan Dam. Then he was transferred to in 1934 where he worked with the archaeologist Emery as assistant director in the excavations of the First Dynasty (2980 B.C.) and helped in the discovery of the tomb of Hemaka (published in 1938) and the tomb of Aha (published in 1939).

He remained in until 1939 where he combined with his Memphis excavations those of Hilwan. As Director of the famous Royal Excavations sponsored by King Farouk I, he discovered and fully excavated more than 10,000 tombs of the First and Second Dynasties. Among his many is The Helwan Excavations (Cairo, 1960), a work edited in English by J. Autry (Norman, 1969). He is accredited with the excavation of DAYR ABU QARQURAH (St. Gregorios). He participated in the process of salvaging the monuments prior to the completion of the new High Dam.