RÉMONDON (1923-1971)

A French papyrologist and historian. His specialties were Greek papyrology, with Coptic and Arabic on the side, and the history of Greco-Roman Egypt, especially Christian and Byzantine Egypt, with particular attention to economic, social, fiscal, military, administrative, and ecclesiastical questions.

His works include “L’Acte de cautionnement byzantin P. Varsov. 30” (Chronique d’Egypte 48, 1973, pp. 140-44); “Situation présente de la papyrologie byzantine” (in des XIII. internationalen Papyrologenkongresses, Munich, 1974, pp. 367-72); “Les Contradictions de la société égyptienne a l’époque byzantine” ( of Juristic Papyrology 18, 1974, pp. 17-32); and “Un Papyrus inédit des archives d’Abinnaeus” ( of Juristic Papyrology 18, 1974, pp. 33-37).

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