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Robert Curzon (1810-1873) - Coptic Wiki

ROBERT CURZON (1810-1873)

An English scholar and traveler.

He was born in Harringworth and visited Egypt, Syria, and in 1833-1834 on a research tour of monastic libraries, looking for manuscripts, of which he amassed a fine collection.

He also collected Egyptian antiquities. His travels are described in his Visits to of the Levant (New York, 1849); a privately printed catalog of his collection, limited to fifty copies, was issued in 1849 as of Materials for Writing: Early Writings on Tablets and Stones, Rolled and Other Manuscripts and Oriental Manuscript Books, in the Library of the Hon. Robert at Parham in the County of Sussex.

His own copy of this catalog, with many notes and from others inserted, is in the Department of Manuscripts of the British Museum; his collection of Oriental manuscripts was presented to the museum. He died at Parham Park, Sussex.

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