RIZQ AGHA (d. 1850)

A noted personality at the end of the rule (1517-1798) and during the rise of MUHAMMAD ALI dynasty at the beginning of the nineteenth century, he was nominated of the province in 1814 and was entrusted with the duties of policing the area and the levying of taxes. The term Agha in his name is a Turkish title granted by the viceroy to governors of provinces. Apparently he was active in repelling Arab marauders from the area east of the Damietta branch of the Delta and the establishment of security in that region. He founded a series of estates bearing his name in the district of Mit Ghamr.

Muhammad ‘Ali’s eldest son, Ibrahim Pasha, was received by him as his honored guest together with Mu‘allim GHALI in March 1822. After leaving Mit Ghamr, Ghali precipitated the wrath of the pasha, who murdered him and cast his body outside the district of Zifta. On hearing what happened to his fellow Copt, Rizq hastened to the pasha’s presence and pleaded for the recovery of Ghali’s body, which he took to the nearest Coptic prior to burial. Rizq is one of the few Copts in the administration who happened to retain their position until their death. He left behind him a family of notable Copts and his name is still remembered in the district of Mit Ghamr.

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