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Rainer, Archduke (1827-1913) - Coptic Wiki

RAINER, ARCHDUKE (1827-1913)

An collector. He was a prince of the House of Hapsburg, being the fourth son of Archduke Rainer, viceroy of Lombardy-Venice and a son of Emperor Leopold II. He assembled a large collection of papyri—hieratic, demotic, Coptic, Greek, and —originating from a large find at Arsinoë in 1877-1878. The collection was acquired by the Imperial Library of Vienna, and in 1892 an account of it was published as Erzherzog Rainer: Führer durch die Ausstellung. The archduke was a patron of the Arts and Crafts Museum (1862-1898) and curator of the of Sciences (1861-1913).

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