Qasr Nisimah

QASR NISIMAH (‘Ayn Nisimah)

About 5.5 miles (9 km) south of Khargah, Nisimah is a tiny square site 164 x 164 feet (50 x 50 m), perched on a till of low elevation in the middle of a small cultivated plain. In addition to a small fort (qasr) built on a base of stones and mortar 50 x 32 feet (15 x 10 m; maximum extant height 24 feet or 7.5 m) and a magnificent well-preserved columbarium, one may see the leveled down remains of a small oriented from west to east ( rounded to the east).

The entrance door is in the north side wall. In the nave, along the north side, are two median columns of octagonal sections that perhaps had matching columns along the south side. This of small dimensions 32 x 23 feet (9.5 x 7 m) is entirely comparable to that of SHAMS AL-DIN.