The fifth patriarch (109-122) of the See of Saint MARK. His name was occasionally corrupted at a later date to Abrimus, Obrimius, and Barmius. Sometimes it was even erroneously confused with Ephraem. According to SAWIRUS IBN AL- MUQAFFA‘, bishop of al-Ashmunayn, he “was among the Orthodox people of Christ,” that is, a layman “who was chaste as the angels, and piously performed many good works.”

Thus he was chosen as patriarch and held the office for twelve years, one month, and twelve days during the reign of Emperor Trajan. The major event known to have occurred in Alexandria during his reign was a rebellion, during which the Jewish population of the city was massacred by the Roman authorities. This was different from the that continued during the period on a personal rather than a national basis. On his death, Primus was laid to rest on 3 Misra near the remains of Saint Mark in the Church of Bucalis at Alexandria.


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