PIERRE DU, S. J. BOURGUET (1910-1988)

A professor of Egyptian and of Coptic for more than thirty years at the Institut catholique de Paris, where he also served as director of the School of Ancient Oriental Languages. In addition, he was professor of paleo- Christian, Coptic, and Byzantine and archaeology at the du Louvre for approximately twenty years.

A chief curator at the Louvre in the Department of Egyptian Antiquities, he was in charge of the collections for the Coptic and pharaonic Lower Epoch periods, and, for a certain time, the paleo- and Byzantine collections as well.

In Egypt he traveled widely to desert and oasis alike. He participated in the excavations at KELLIA and Tod, and directed the work at the site of DAYR AL-MADINAH.

He published in various fields, and wrote grammars of the two stages of ancient Egyptian and a grammar of Sahidic Coptic. He used the latter, which remains unpublished, as a tool in his teaching. He published widely in all the above-mentioned disciplines.

A selected bibliography of his writings includes: Catalogue des étoffes coptes (Musée du Louvre), Paris, 1964; and L’ copte, Paris, 1968; translated into English as The of the Copts, London, 1971.