Petros II (D. 1570)

PETROS II (d. 1570)

Petros was the successor of Abuna Yosab I, after having been his coadjutor. The Liber Axumae notes the arrival in of a Coptic bishop named Petros in 1554 of the Ethiopian calendar (A.D. 1551-1552). This information is confirmed by a source, which states that the Coptic prelate who arrived in in 1551 was supposed to be the coadjutor of Abuna Yosab I and should succeed him upon his death. The exact date of this succession is unknown, but it must have occurred near the end of Negus Galawdewos’ reign (d. 1559), for in the Liber Axumae the last document to mention Yosab is dated A.D. 1553-1554, whereas the first document to mention Petros as is dated 1559-1560. From these data it may be deduced that Petros was named and consecrated by the Coptic VII (1525-1568).

There is little information about this in Ethiopian documents. The chronicle of Galawdewos states that it was Bishop Petros (not yet metropolitan) who consecrated the ark (tabot) of the famous Church of Tadbaba Maryam during the twelfth year of Galawdewos’ reign (1551-1552). Moreover, the chronicle of Negus Minas states that it was Abuna Petros II who celebrated the religious marriage of this king.

There is no other information about this metropolitan, and even the date of his death can only be deduced from the documents available. According to the chronicle of Negus Sarsa Dengel, after the death of Abuna Yosab I, which occurred in the eighth year of Sarsa Dengel’s reign (1570), the negus received a new named Marqos (II), who arrived in during the fourteenth year of his reign (1576). However, this text obviously contains an error, which must be corrected. The predecessor of Marqos II was Petros II (not Yosab I, who died around 1559). But from this text, it can be deduced that Petros II died in 1570 and that his successor was Marqos II.


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