American scholar. He was an associate professor at the Catholic University of America (1941-1948) and supervised the formal establishment of the Institute for Research at the Catholic University. He taught Hebrew, Arabic, and Coptic. At Saint Paul’s College, he taught philosophy (1919-1925) and scripture (1932-1936). After his retirement, he published a number of Coptic studies, especially about Coptic manuscripts, among them “The Paragraph Mark in Coptic Illuminated Ornament” (Studies in and Literature for Belle da Costa Green, Princeton, 1954, pp. 295-330), “A Collection of Papyri, Egyptian, Greek, Coptic, Arabic, Showing the Development of Handwriting Mainly from the Second Century B. C. to the Eighth Century A.D.” (Introduction to H. P. Kraus, Catalogue 105, New York, 1964), and “An Early of Acts:

An Unrevised Version of the Ancient So-called Western Text” (Catholic Biblical Quarterly 26, 1964, pp. 225-41).


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