Peter Of Scetis, Saint


A sixth-century tax collector who became a monk at Scetis (feast day: 25 Tubah). The notice in the Coptic does not indicate Peter’s place of origin, but only his function as a tax collector and the hardness of his character, to the point that he was nicknamed “Without Pity.” After a dream that showed him the judgment of God, he gave everything to the poor and fled to Scetis, where he became a monk and lived with great devoutness.

According to the Greek Synaxarion, Peter was named a tax collector under Justinian (527-565) and was created a patrician. According to the Greek Life (Bibliotheca Hagiographica Graeca 3, no. 2366), he fled to the Thebaid.

This is the same person who is described at length by E. Stein (pp. 723-29).

The recension of the of the Copts from Upper celebrates Peter the Devout at 25 Tubah. This notice appears to be borrowed from the Greek Synaxarion at the same date. It also forms part of “Vitae patrum” in the Armenian recension.

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