The rite supposes that the patriarch-elect is a monk, although several times in laymen were elected and consecrated as patriarchs, such as the patriarchs Afraham ibn and Gabriel . If the candidate is a simple monk, then he should be raised to the second degree of , namely the Skema-bearers, and he would be (if he had not previously been ordained). The rite comprises two parts:

There was an ancient tradition mentioned in the of the that every new patriarch must go to the place where the head of St. Mark is buried and take its blessings. However, this tradition disappeared in the 15th century when the stole the .

The most complete manuscript of this rite is 253 Lit. of the in , dated 1364 . The first publication of this rite was by R. in in 1761. No Coptic Orthodox edition of this rite has been printed to date.

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