Adesert father (feast day: 7 Kiyahk). Patermuthius was a native of Oxyrhynchus (Pemdje, or al-Bahnasa). It is not known where he lived as a monk. He had a group of disciples, whom he exhorted to purity, fear of God, abstention from jealousy, and love of one another. Because of the similarity between the first syllable of Pathermuthius’ name and the title Apa, his name has been to Termoute in the recension of the Copto- SYNAXARION from Upper Egypt.

He was celebrated at DAYR ANBA SHINUDAH), as several typika show (Institut français d’Archéologie orientale, Coptic, n.p.; Paris, National Library, Copt. 12920, fols. 166r and 171v). He also was celebrated by the monks of Dayr Apollo at BAWIT, at Saqqara, and in the hermitages of Isna.


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