Patasius, Saint


A hermit credited with many miracles (feast day: 23 Tubah). He is mentioned in the recension of the Copto- Arabic SYNAXARION from Upper Egypt.

The parents of Patasius were natives of Faw. The family lived with a devout called Pegosh and his only son, Joseph. The two children were brought up together. They often went to the monastery of Saint and admired the monks who lived there. When they grew up, they asked to be admitted to the community. One day Patasius asked the renowned monk Anba Paul how he could be saved. Anba Paul answered: “Know that there are two commandments which our has given in the Gospel: You shall love the your God with all your heart and all your soul, and you shall love your neighbor as yourself.”

Patasius lived as a recluse near Faw. After some time he healed a lame man and a blind man. Because of these cures, he was much sought after by the monks, so he took refuge in the house of a widow at Faw whose name was Basidiyyah. On the third day of Easter, he left the widow and returned to his hermitage. The monks wished to clothe him in the monastic cowl, but he was unwilling, out of humility. He also healed Arsinoë, the wife of the chief magistrate of Faw. He left his hermitage shortly afterward with Anba Joseph for the region of Qift.

Patasius wrought still further miracles. He prophesied to Anba Joseph that his death was near, asking him to him unremittingly in his prayers, “that I may cross the river of fire which flows before the throne of the Judge, and pass by the demons of various countenance who are on the road.” Anba Joseph asked, “What will happen after your death?” Patasius replied, “When I go to find the Lord, I shall ask Him not to give the the means to come as far as this monastery.”